Welcome to yet another iteration of the Coldenhoff Domain.

My name is Tim Coldenhoff and I own this website.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I have had many hobbies and interests over the years.  Some of those things that have stuck with me are documented here.

My online presence has existed since about 1985 when I typed in that “last” line of code to make my dial-up bulletin board system (BBS) work on my TRS-80 home computer.  Ever since the HTTP protocol was created, I have had a website in one form or another, with varying degrees of content.

Some time ago I went on a buying spree and grabbed as many “coldenhoff dot something” domain names as I could get my hands on.  The list includes:

  • coldenhoff.com (you are here!)
  • coldenhoff.org
  • coldenhoff.me
  • coldenhoff.info
  • coldenhoff.ws
  • coldenhoff.us
  • coldenhoff.co
  • coldenhoff.biz

I originally had delusions of grandeur as far as what I wanted to do with all these things, but alas, they now all point back here.  It turns out that it was just too much work to make the original plan happen, and it was much more interesting to go off and pursue other interests.  After all, I am a software engineer by trade, and when I am getting my coding on at work, I don’t really want to continue doing it at home any more.

So this website is essentially the compromise.  The WordPress CMS makes putting everything together into a visually appealing package very easy so I can spend a little time documenting some of the adventures I have been on without having to sweat the details.

Hopefully something here catches your interest or is useful or inspiring to you.  Enjoy!

– Tim.
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