Since I finished building my airplane back in 2005, I have flown over 400 hours.  Some of these flights were simple sight seeing trips, and others were extended adventures that would not have been possible using other means of transportation.

Travel by air has some very distinct advantages.  But, it also has its drawbacks.  The weather can ground you and keep you stranded in the middle of nowhere for days at a time.  Or a mechanical problem can force you to leave the plane somewhere until it gets fixed.  Logistics becomes an issue – rental cars, hotels, food – good planning is absolutley essential.

That being said, I still hate the idea of flying commercial airlines or losing days driving somewhere.  Here are some videos and flying trips that I have been on recently – hopefully there are a few tips and tricks in here that will help you on your next adventure by air.

Airventure Oshkosh 2017