I have to admit that the first time I heard the idea of going to Mexico to fish from a kayak in the Sea of Cortez I was a little… nervous.

Fortunately, I have a fishing partner that is an expert at going to Rocky Point, so the details and logistics of getting there and having a place to stay were taken care of.

That first trip?  Best.  Fishing.  Ever.  Ever.

The first time, we rented a condo at the Sonoran Sea resort.  Getting the kayaks from the parking lot to the beach was easy – the alleyway on the side of the building ended level with the sand which was nice.

At that time, I still had my galvanized pipe kayak cart with the Harbor Freight small balloon wheels on them.  They sank into the sand and it was really hard rolling down to the water.

Next trip, I had better wheels – version 3 of the kayak cart.  But that will be documented elsewhere.

After the first time out, I was a little better organized.  I still feel like every time I take the boat out I am figuring how much to bring and where to stow it for maximum convenience.  I’m still a ways from being optimal in that area.  But, I am starting to fine tune things.

Trigger fish and rock bass seem to be the two most abundant fish – or at least, those are the ones we have been catching pretty constantly.  Sierra mackerel are also out there, as well as grunts and even the occasional dorado can be seen chasing baitfish.

After three trips south of the border, I think I am starting to get the routine down.  Hopefully there will be more trips to write about soon.  I am still working on getting better video, but obviously its not the primary goal!