I am sure there are more pictures of this bike somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them.

This was an awesome bike.  It’s for racing.  Don’t fool yourself – its a fast fucking bike, and it will fuck you up if you don’t know what you are doing.

Sport bikes are like that, and this is the king of them.  The GSX-R liter bike has all the acceleration you need to get up and go.  I could (allegedly) hit 90 MPH in first gear and be at double the speed limit by the bottom of a freeway on-ramp.

I had to sell this bike because if it didn’t kill me from the speed, it would have killed me through back and neck problems.  Unfortunately the sportbike riding position, where you are essentially humping the gas tank, was extremely painful to me.

I am thinking, however, that its cousin, the GSX-F, might be a suitable alternative due to its more upright riding position.  Possibly a new chapter in the motorcycle category will be written in the future.

I do have video of the dyno run that I did at one of the meetups a while back.