Rock sliders not only add useful protection to your vehicle, they also look good and are easy to install.

I debated for a while about which manufacturers’ sliders were for me.  I eventually decided on the ones made by White Knuckle Off-Road.  I liked the little bump out at the rear, and it seemed more usable as a step to get up to the roof.

These are basically bolt ons, with a just a couple of holes required to be drilled into the frame.  The fit and finish on these is excellent and everything lined up well.  Instructions do come with the sliders – the following is just a summary to show what is going on in the pictures.

  1. Rock sliders are very heavy pieces of steel.  The first thing to do is line up roughly where they are going and put some beefy jack stands or other supports underneath so that you can get the first few bolts in.
  2. Line up the holes in the sliders that will be using factory holes in the frame.
  3. Lay out the hardware and doubler plates under each of the three attachement points so you know what goes where.
  4. Put a bolt through the front mount weldment and add the doubler plate on the other side of the frame.  Loosely put the nut on to hold it in place.
  5. Using the existing slot in the bottom of the frame, insert the nut plate and thread in the bolt.
  6. Now the fun part.  Make a mark with the drill bit and use a center punch to denote the center of the hole.
  7. Use a pilot drill (1/8″ or so) to make the first hole.  Step up to the full size bit and finish the hole.  Or, use a step-drill (“unibit”).
  8. Insert and start the self-tapping bolt.  You may need a bit of leverage to get these bolts to bite into the steel.
  9. Repeat for the other side.
  10. Stand back and admire your handiwork.