There have been some reports of people peeling their diff covers off while crawling over harsh terrain.  Even though I had no plans on rock crawling, I decided a nice diff guard or cover would be agood move.  It was also a very easy upgrade to do.  I decided to get the PRG replacement differential cover instead of just a guard.

  1. Drop the spare.  If you are lucky like me, you have never had to use your spare tire.  You may also be surprised at what shitty condition it is in if it has been tucked away under the vehicle for a few years.  May want to think about that next time you buy tires.
  2. Remove the brake line bracket from the top of the diff.
  3. Pry open the cross-feed brake line that runs across the diff cover.  You will have to pull it away a bit to remove/replace the cover.
  4. Drain the oil.  If I had stuck my head under the diff, I would have seen the drain plug.  Instead, I just loosened the cover until the oil started leaking out.  Either way works.
  5. Gently pull the brake line out of the way and remove the stock cover.  The diff will continue to dribble oil, so stick a rag in there to keep the mess under control.
  6. Expend the tube of liquid gasket around all of the holes and along the edge.
  7. It takes a little graceful movement, but you can slip the cover under the brake line and behind the rear sway bar without smearing the gasket material.  Tighten down the bolts in a standard cross pattern.
  8. I think I had the luxury of waiting a day or so for the RTV to dry before refilling with oil.  The PRG cover is nice in that it has a drain plug, a fill plug, and a small plug that will dribble when the diff is full.  No guessing on levels!
  9. Obviously I painted my cover.  I thought it would look more customized with some blue paint on it.  As it turns out, you can’t really see the diff unless you crawl under the truck, but whatever.  I like it.