Someone once asked me if there was a mode of transportation that I didn’t own.

It took me a while to think of an answer, but then I finally realized I have never (and probably will never in the future) owned a train.

Cars, airplanes, motorcycles, boats… yah, been through a few.  Well, OK, maybe only one airplane.

As for my car story – the first car I drove regularly was my mom’s Chevrolet Monza.  I had to crash that car, baby.  That’s when I got my own first car, a 1973 AMC Hornet for the exorbitant cost of $300.

A few years later in 1987, I picked up a real piece of shit 1967 Ford Mustang (sportin’ the 3 speed and air shocks to jack up the ass end).  I worked on it and turned it into a slightly different piece of shit before selling it in 1989.

Around 1992 I got my first “real job” and I had to crash the old AMC, so I bought a brand new Chevrolet Cavalier (stick of course).  That did OK until 1996 when I was living in Arizona and needed a pick-up truck and an AK-47.  Well, OK, I already had the AK-47 in Florida.

Yep, traded in the Cavalier and got a new Chevy S-10 with ZR-2 offroad suspension package.  In the time I owned it, I paid for it twice in all the repairs.  Three transmissions, two A/C compressors, electrical issues, etc.  It did pretty well off road though.  I could go where my friends’ Jeep would go, I just couldn’t turn around as easily.

Somewhere around 1997 I bought a second car for long distance commuting – a Ford Escort.  That did OK for a year or two but I sold it when I stopped commuting a long ways.

Traded that shit ass S-10 in for my Subaru Forester XT (Turbo!) in 2006.  I had to crash that Subaru in 2007 but for some reason the insurance company wanted to repair it.  It was in the body shop 2 months.  It lasted a while longer until the engine started throwing codes.  Subaru dealer wanted $4K for a new engine.

Instead, I cleared the codes and drove it to the Nissan dealer and got my 2012 Xterra in January 2013.  Got a hell of a good deal on it and that’s where I am at today.

Somewhere in there around 2011 I had a big old 2003 Ford F-350 with 7.3 diesel, 4-door long bed.  I had planned on pulling a toy hauler, but decided on a different path so I got rid of that in 2013.

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