One thing that I looked specifically for when I was looking for a used pop up was good canvas.  The tent cover part of the popup can easily cost $1,000 to replace, depending on size.  Since that is more than the camper is worth, I wanted to make sure what I was buying would last a few years.

The canvas I got with this camper was actually a replacement that one of the previous owners put on, so it was in good shape.  The shock cord used to secure it to the slide outs however, was shot.  It had no more stretch and was frayed in a few placed.

Fortunatley, replacement shock cord is cheap, and swapping it out is easy.  After pulling out the old stuff, I started feeding in the new.

wm_DSC00938It helped to wrap some tape around the end to prevent frayed edges from hanging up, and a needle nose plier to guide and fish the end out the eyelets made things go easier.

wm_DSC00940The cord alternates in and out of the canvas to make loops.  Each loop hooks onto a small plastic wheel under the slideout.  This loop is exaggerated to demonstrate.  You actually want to pull most of the slack through and just leave a very small bit of excess.  Make sure you leave enough slack before cutting and tieing off the end.

wm_DSC00939The two ends are made into a loop, and the knot secured with hog rings or zip ties.

wm_DSC00943When all of the loops are hooked up, the cord should be fairly taught, but it doesn’t have to be too tight.  This is just meant to keep the tent ends from flapping around in the wind.

One of the little plastic anchors was missing from underneath one tray, which was mildly annoying.  I randomly purchased something in the hardware store that I thought would be a good replacement – a sliding door wheel.  The one I bought was a little bigger than the factory ones though.

wm_DSC00956It doesn’t really matter about the diameter, however it has to be thin enough to allow the slideout to slide clear of the pop up chassis.  Since this one was already kind of big, I used a conical head screw to let it sit low.

wm_DSC00957Fortunately, the wheel cleared with plenty of room.

wm_DSC00958And now all of the shock cord loops are able to be hooked up again.