The slide outs of the little Jayco work surprisingly well.  At least, I haven’t broken one and fallen to the ground in the middle of the night.  Yet.

However, I had one slide that was obviously missing a stop.  One side of the bed tray would pull out way too far.  It took me a while to figure out what the exact mechanism was being used for the stop, but once I spotted it, the solution was obvious.

The slide mechanism is just two “U” channels facing each other, one inside the other.  The inner one has a cap riveted to the end, and the outer one is supposed to have a bolt in it that catches this end cap and prevents the tray from sliding any further.  In the picture below, you can see the head of the bold near the right side, just below center of the picture.

wm_DSC00927Once I found the head of the bolt on a good slider, it was just a matter of finding the hole on the bad one and replacing the bolt.  While looking at the side of the slide, you can see a hole in one channel that lines up with a hole in the other channel.  Aha!  The missing bolt.

wm_DSC00929A couple of tools and a nice beefy little bolt and about 30 seconds of manual labor is all that is needed.

wm_DSC00932The nylock nut won’t come off anytime soon.

wm_DSC00934And the other side shows the new bolt head.

wm_DSC00935And now the slide works perfectly again.