Aside from the basic hand tools that I have acquired over the years, I am really starting from ground zero. So, as described elsewhere, I started by building several general purpose 2′ x 5′ work tables. I quickly concluded after the first two that a chop saw and cordless drill were must-haves. The next two tables went a lot more smoothly. It is amazing how easy things are when you have the right tools for the job. That old saying about all problems looking like a nail when the only tool you have is a hammer is absolutely true. Trust me, using a hammer to cut wood is a bitch.

Unfortunately, I hit a minor bump when my brand new BT1000 Black&Decker mitre saw smoked. Literally. Back to Lowe’s with this piece of crap. My new Delta 10″ compound mitre saw works beautifully.

The first two tables I put against the wall and mounted a 5″ vise to one, and a 6″ dual B&D grinder to the other. Those will be my general work area. A 4’x8′ pegboard on the wall to hang tools on also sounded like a good idea and worked out well. The pegboard is screwed onto 1″x2″ framing that is in turn screwed into wall studs.

I found the 5hp, 20 gal. Campbell-Hausfeld oil based, belt driven compressor for about $30 less than anyplace else at the local Harbor Freight retail store at 35th Ave and Bethany Home Rd. in Phoenix. Also found a generic air tool kit there and some fittings to get me started playing with the compressor. A Delta drill press rounds out the lot of new power tools.

The RV Builder’s Tool Kit with 3X rivet gun is on the way from Avery. I decided to go with Avery based more on reputation than anything. Two other companies had similar tool sets at similar prices, but more people said good things about Avery tools than anyplace else.

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