Aside from the cam tensioner (doo-hickey) described in another section, I did a whole bunch of other changes to the bike.  These were done almost more as a precaution and a learning experience than out of necessity.  If I am going to take a machine deep into the desert alone, I want to make sure it is going to take me back out without blowing up due to a previous owners negligence.

What follows is a list of things that I replaced or repaired and some links to videos and parts that I used.  Enjoy!


When I first got my KLR, there was a substantial amount of vibration.  This vibration went directly to the little roundy mirrors, which made them completely useless.  They were unusable because everything just looked like a colored blur.

I decided to get these mirrors:  Commuting Mirrors, 033-3840K

When I got done with all of the fixes, it turns out the bike did not vibrate as much, plus the mirrors were much more stable.  These mirrors have a damper at the base that helps reduce the vibration.  I now have usable mirrors!  I also like the square look more than the roundy look, so bonus points there.

Commuter Mirrors


The previous owner had lowered the bike by changing out the dog bones in the rear suspension.  He was a much shorter guy than me, so I could understand why he did it.  He was a shitty welder though, and what he did was cut the kickstand in half and weld it back at a f-ed up angle to make it shorter.

Since I wanted the original ride height, I swapped back in the original dog bones and replaced the kickstand with a brand new one.  It appeared the safety switch had long since been bypassed, otherwise I would have done that as well.

After thinking about it for a few months, I think I would rather have put in a center stand, as this seems like a good idea for making field repairs easier.

KLR650 Kick Side Stand with Spring Assembly 87-07 34024-1221-CE

DSC01011 DSC01010


The original chain was pretty rusty and beat up, and it is unknown how old it was.  Since the bike had 25,000 miles on it, it made sense to go ahead and replace it.  It had a master-link style chain on it, so I replaced it with the same.  At the same time, I bought a spare master link which will stay in the toolkit with the bike.

013-0106 520×106 O Ring Chain

013-0005 520 O Ring Master Link

Water Pump and Coolant Hoses

It turned out the water pump started seeping a little from the vent hole while I was working on the bike.  Since I already planned to flush the coolant and replace the clutch, I ordered a water pump kit.

Complete Water Pump Seal Kit 32-3110

I had to improvise some seal pullers and drivers using sockets, a piece of PVC pipe and a little thinking.  The MarkNet page was extremely helpful here.


I was annoyed with the idea that people had been trying to replace the coolant hoses by buying a preformed hose for another application and cutting it up to fit.  Does not compute in my head.  So, I bought a few feet of generic heater hose.  The hose connecting the pump to the cylinder jacket connected with no problem, but the bend from the radiator to the pump was too sharp, so I added a 90 degree elbow from the local auto parts store.  Just have to be careful of the routing so that the hoses do not rest against the exhaust pipe.


Clutch Plates

I changed out the clutch plates, but honestly the originals were still in excellent condition.  I didn’t know what to expect before opening the bike up, so I went ahead and ordered the replacements anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were still in good condition, but since I had the new ones, and it was easy to swap them, I did.

Outlaw Racing New Clutch Kit KAWASAKI KLR650


The front and rear brake pads were replaced, and I bled the lines.  Pretty easy and straightforward operation.

1987-2007 Kawasaki KL 650 (KLR) Kevlar Carbon Rear Brake Pads

Galfer FD091G1054 Semi-Metallic/Organic Brake Pad

Spark Plug

I ordered the wrong spark plug originally because Amazon had the wrong item listed for compatibility.  The link below is the correct one.

Torch Spark Plug D8TC NGK DP8EA-9, Denso X24EP-U9

K&N filters

Kind of a no-brainer here.  These filters are available from a lot of different vendors, and of course the air filter is reusable.

K&N KN-123 Oil Filter

K&N KA-6589 Air Filter

Castrol 06408-6PK Actevo Xtra 10W-40 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil

All Years Kawasaki KLR650 Magnetic Oil Drain Plug


Battery and charging receptacle

I replaced the wet battery with a sealed batter that I got from Amazon.


At the same time I replaced the battery, I also installed a charging extension so that I could hook up a batter tender.  I routed the extension back to just under the luggage rack.

Battery Tender Charger

Battery Tender 081-0069-6 Ring Terminal Harness