So, what the hell is a doo-hickey anyway?

Well, it is actually the balancer idle lever and spring assembly located deep within the engine.  It removes the slack on the balancer chain.

Apparently the stock Kawasaki parts have a reputation for being crap, falling apart and destroying the engine.  Wow.  Not having any clue as to whether or not the previous owners have upgraded this part, I decided to do it myself.  After tearing apart the left side of the engine, I did find the original part, fortunately in good condition.  I replaced it with a beefier aftermarket part and sealed everything back up.

Not wanting to duplicate too much effort, here is the list of videos and other instruction that I used to reference this operation.  When I ordered my part, I ordered gaskets, the rotor holder wrench and the flywheel puller, as well as a new rotor bolt.  May as well do it right.