So I picked up this old KLR650 in 2013 to play around with.  It ended up sitting around for quite a while because I always have too many projects to work on.  But finally I needed some mental health time for myself so I started tearing the bike apart to do some regular maintenance.

The bike has about 25,500 miles on it, and the engine runs pretty good.  However, there are a few items that I wanted to look at before taking it out to the desert.

  • Doohickey upgrade
  • Replace coolant, hoses, inspect waterpump
  • Replace old chain and sprockets
  • Flush brake systems and install new pads
  • Install original suspension dogbones and new kickstand
  • New mirrors, air filter, and other minor items

This page has a list of all of the modifications and part sourcing.

Here is a list of KLR resources that are absolutely priceless if you are going to be wrenching on your own bike.