Theres just something about riding on two wheels…

I don’t know what it is or how to describe it, but it is an awesome feeling.  Ever since I got my first motorcycle in college, a Kawasaki GPZ-550, I knew I was hooked.

I have only actually owned four bikes, two of which are in the garage today.  So I am by no means a bike junkie or anything, but I do enjoy working on and riding them.

To that end, I purchased a “project bike” back in late 2013 that I could use for a little on OR offroad exploring.  It is a “dual-sport” Kawasaki KLR-650.  While it is ridable as is, there are definitely some improvements and concerns that need to be addressed.  As I work through these items, I will try to document them here as well.

In addition, I recently purchased a Suzuki GSX-R 1000.  I was looking for a sport bike for about 6 months, and after being very patient, this bike turned up on Craigslist.  I had sat on a bunch of different bikes at the local motorcycle store, and found the GSX-R to be ergonmically ideal for me, so I knew that was what I wanted.  After a brief test ride, I forked over some cash and rode it home.  It is a 2001, and it isn’t perfect, but hopefully there aren’t too many big surprises.  But I will keep a seperate page here for it just for fun.

The Honda VTX 1800 in the feature picture above was something I owned back around 2005.  Although it was a nice bike, I had to get rid of it for two reasons – I needed to turn it into cash fast, and that fucking bike vibrated to no end.  I had a hard time riding it more than a few miles before I was numb up to my shoulders.  Sadly, that was by design on Hondas’ part – their attempt to “bad boy” up.  My opinion – “fail”.  I wish they had a version with the same style that rode like a Goldwing and didn’t cost $20K.  Whatever – its gone now.