The following pages are an attempt to document theĀ  building of my Experimental Amateur Built airplane. There is not much attempt here to be overly scientific or formal. That is for the “real” journal I am keeping which will be the official builder’s log as required by the feds.

My hope is that the experiences documented here will help to inspire others in some way to take on a project of their own. Even if it is not as huge and expensive as building an airplane, at least something that will make you happy and keep you sane and off the streets. Life would be incredibly boring if we were not able to pursue our dreams, and it would ultimately be a disappointment if on our death bed we end up saying to ourselves, “If only I had done this or that…”. Instead of making up excuses for not doing something, put some energy into finding a way to make it happen.

My philosophy may be “Nothing is easy”, but on the other hand, there isn’t much challenge in solving easy problems, is there?


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